London’s Calling: Elisha La’Verne

The UK’s Elisha La’Verne returns with her much anticipated 8th EP entitled ‘The Agenda’ which doesn’t fail to deliver the 90’s soul vibes for which this Soul/R&B vocalist/writer is best known. 

Hailing from South London, Elisha began forging her career in music from a young age.  It was in her late teens, through Maxi Priest’s Dugout Productions label, that her debut EP ‘Just Landed’ was created and through its success the second single ‘I Like What You Do To Me’ written by Alan Glass (Aretha Franklin and Deniece William’s) and George McFarlen directly led to Elisha’s signing of a major recording deal with Japan’s Avex Group.  Her debut album ‘Her Name Is’ was released and included the instant hit song named ‘I Maybe Single’.

So let’s find out where it all started for our jewel in the crown: “It is a long story. When I was at school I was in all the school plays and in actual fact back then I used to rap and also sing choruses. One day some of the people were doing some djing and I thought I would do some singing and I always liked singing so I just continued. I certainly was not that interested in a musical career at school but when I left school and I was working with producers I realised that I was interested in continuing in music. A chance meeting with the UK producer Trevor Bailey started a road that would ultimately lead her into the Japanese market and a meeting with a global super star, Trevor said he was going to the studio, would I like to come down there with him? I went there and realised he was actually a real producer. He then said he wanted me to come down and do some recording with Maxi Priest and so I did some backing vocals for Maxi.”

Between then and now Elisha’s story of success has been multifaceted with several projects, touring the world, musical collaborations and featuring on a film soundtrack.  In 2011, she signed to Star Base, a record company based in Tokyo Japan and went on to release her 7th album “361 Degrees” which debuted at number 2 in the iTunes charts.   An incredible feat considering the hiatus she had taken from music.  

Therefore there was much to expect from ‘The Agenda EP’ and it doesn’t disappoint. she is continuously able to keep things fresh with her sultry vocals gliding coolly over the two stepper smooth groove track on ‘Catching Feelings’ and ‘Suga’ or authentic soulful upbeat groove of  ‘Going the Distance’ feat. Darien Dean there is something to two step to and catchy lyrics aplenty. Elisha has natural talent on the reggae track ‘Keep it Moving’. 

Why not delight yourself and take a listen…. 

Going The Distance:

By INKeye