Spotlight: Glochelr


Do you believe in closure? That is the question asked by the up-and-coming R&B artist Glochelr on her latest song ‘Closure’. Hailing from Hertfordshire, the 22-year-old singer’s style can be described as personal and intimate, as if she has opened a diary and put her desires, feelings and hopes against enticing beats. Glochelr first debuted in 2020 with the catchy song about a disconnected relationship ‘Labels’ followed by the inspiring bop ‘LGBHD’. Closure is consistent with Glochelr’s sound, as she sings over a pulsing bassline. On this track, Glochelr speaks from the heart, sharing her heart-wrenching thoughts about being unloved by the person she cares for. The lyrics deliver sorrowful acceptance (“It’s okay if I wasn’t the one”), vulnerability (“Left me out here naked”), and mental detachment (I’m losing my mind).

As an artist who turns her experiences into melodic relatability, her exploration of unrequited love with Closure is short yet hard hitting. She ends the song with a brief voice note, an addition which is a well-loved hip-hop and R&B trope and gives the song another layer of personality. Although she speaks to the person who broke her heart, as listeners we are able to hear her captivating one liners and make a connection to it in our own lives. There is a similar effect in her previous songs, ‘Labels’ and ‘LGHBD’, where the lines “No Jimmy Choo, as long as I have you” and “Little girls have big dreams” ring through your head just moments after listening to them. 

On the concept of closure itself, Glochelr states: “When I think of Closure, I think of all the times I’ve convinced myself that something was real, when it wasn’t. Closure doesn’t exist, I don’t know why we think it does. Our generation is funny that way, the only closure we find, is the one we create for ourselves in the end. Moving on is closure, but so is not being able to. If I had to define closure I’d say it’s the decision to see something for what it is, or what it never actually was. Your heart is yours, and whatever happens to it is on you, because everybody leaves in the end.”

Whether you believe in closure or not, it is clear that this track is further solidifying Glochelr’s rise as an R&B singer/songwriter. She is an artist to watch, and we are excited to what else she comes out with this year. 

Closure is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music.


Reese Marnu