Curtis Clark better known as Homemade Soul, is back with the re-release of his self- penned old skool ballad ‘I Vow’.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Curtis has been no stranger to music where through the encouragement of his parents, he learnt to sing and play instruments at church.  By the time he attended high school and throughout his university years, Curtis was a multitalented songwriter, performer and theatre actor. 

From 2001 and for six years, Curtis was in the Air Force, serving his country across the world while refining his God given talent to sing and perform. It was during this time Curtis began to write and record music under the name, Homemade Soul.  Since then he has recorded and released four studio albums and a stream of singles including ‘I Vow’ written in 2007.  His music releases have garnered him radio play all over the world, to include exclusive distribution deals in Japan and the UK.  

Curtis continues to create and release new music under his own imprint, Keepin It Homemade and produces music for television and film, with current placements ranging from film and book soundtracks, shows on VH1, Bravo, MTV, and Telemundo.

Future projects from Homemade Soul consists of: Two Production music releases (Made For TV) April 1, 2019. One full solo album (Nobody Really Cares) schedule release September 2019 and more TV and film placements.

The depth and range of Homemade Soul’s gift as an artiste and entrepreneur remains immeasurable.  Unconvinced?  Then allow  ‘I Vow’ to persuade you otherwise.

I Vow:

By: INKeye