Gabrielle B.

Gabrielle B. is an up and coming artist out of Oklahoma City. At the tender age of 5 years old, sat down for her first piano lesson at her home in Oklahoma City, OK. With both parents heavily involved in music, from her father’s family formed band to her mother’s music ministry in the church, it was only a matter of time before Gabrielle B decided to make a name for her self in the music world.

After years of denying her calling, Gabrielle B decided that her inevitable fate and her undeniable talent could no longer be ignored. With the support of those who believe in her most, she soon began working on her craft. With her debut EP in the making, she is sure that this journey is just the beginning and will soon lead to something beautiful.

The second debut EP from the singer-songwriter #SHIFT features this track No One Else (But You).

Gabrielle B. Neo Soul, Independent Soul, Breaking Artists, New Independent Artist, No One Else (But You), Brand New Soul, Nu Soul,