Michon Young Express Words…
I have always believed that music is love. It is universal. It can soothe the soul, bring tears to your eyes or simply just place you in a reflective state. Either way, music has the ability to penetrate the heart and invoke many genuine, real emotions. Each song on this project is taken from a personal experience. Each song represents a part of my life that most can relate to e.g. the joy and excitement of love, the hurt that love can sometimes bring and the encouragement that you sometimes must give yourself when you’re left facing life alone.

This project takes you on a journey from beginning to end. For me, this musical journey was written from experiencing the pain of lost love but also the joy of finding new love again. It also lyrically expresses the concerns about the divisive world we’re living in today and the importance of uniting as one. Many songs on this project are filled with Live instrumentation. I’ve always been a fan of old school great musical composition and the way it merged with sound lyrical content.

“Love, Life, Experiences”, tells a story similar to the stories told in years past by songwriters and musicians alike. This is my story. My hope is that at least one song from this project will touch a heart, involve a raw emotion, soothe the soul, uplift and inspire. I hope many will enjoy the journey and musical ride of “Love,Life,Experiences”.

Let’s Go To Work (Video) – 3N1 Media Productions, Atlanta, GA
CD Title: LLE2- (Love, Life, Experiences) Driving To Purpose

Special thank you to Ellery Murphy and Shayne Murphy
of Ellery’s Bar & Lounge

Music Producer: Jerry W. Williams Jr.
Director: Carmichael Musiclover
Video Coordinator: Danielle
Studio-Studio A, Dearborn Heights, MI
Location: Ellerby’s, Atlanta, GA
Lead Male Chicago Style Stepper: Charles E. Ford Esq. and Lead Female Chicago Style Stepper: Serrie “Ladybug” Fields
Band members- Keys-Jerry W.Williams Jr., Bass-Jason Phelps, Drums- Marquis Johnson, saxophone-Audley Reid, percussions – Jorell McNair, Guitar-Jerry W. Williams Jr.