The urban musings of Lee Henry and the remix fingers of Tru Menace, gave birth to ‘The One’ Lukas Setto.

Raised on the essential mix of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay & Stevie and the wonders of his DJ Dad’s record collection, Lukas studied popular music at Stanmore College, Middlesex and it was there he was to craft his first composition. Later he explored the collective vocal harmony experience with a boy band but then realised that to graft solo was to be his way forward.

Whilst still in college, Lukas became the recipient of The Urban Music Award for Best Unsigned Artist (under the name of Lee Henry). He celebrated by wowing the audience with his live rendition of the self-penned “You Know Me”. Recognition finally for a boy that had excelled at sports, was distracted by the rites of passage of a troublesome youth and then as an adult was redeemed by the power of song.

UMA in hand; as Tru Menace, Lukas’s production pseudonym, he became a remixer for lovers of all forms of urban music. Taio Cruz, who had been a fellow student on his course, sought his creative polish. Soul inspiration Omar as well as international impresario Mark Ronson and Daniel Merriweather’s ‘Chainsaw’ and Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown’s ‘No Air’ were to benefit from the Tru Menace treatment. Further accolade was bestowed when ‘Y Did You Leave’ became a Number One hit with MTV Base for Tru Menace.