Are you working on your first project / EP / album or are you an established artist that may just want to go the independent route – Like so many are already doing successfully.

The independent hype team have been involved in the music industry playing many wide and varied roles for over 20 years. In this time we have gathered a very useful set of tools & knowledge that can turn a talented independent situation into profit.

The principles are the same today as they have always been when it comes to selling music.

However we happen to be living right on the cutting edge where technology is causing yet another revolution in music. A revolution that is giving more power than ever before to independent artists across all genres of music.

Streaming is generating more revenue for artists than downloads and artist can easily and independently sell their music directly to their audiences on a global scale.

However without the right manpower, knowledge, and strategies it could prove to be a bit of a minefield & relentless mission.

So there is still a need for someone working with or alongside artist to handle the administration / marketing, and distribution, so that artists can focus more on what they do best. This is why we have made it our business to know what it takes to get your music out there and assist you to control all aspects of your music profession now and well into the future.

If you are an artist, record label, manager, You can opt in for our full on package or you can take it piece by piece.

We are not in the business of making bold and wild promises like guaranteeing hits…However we believe that with the right structure we can enable you to optimise your musical talents and set you up on the best available platforms, connecting you directly to your fans and making it easy for them to support you.

So when you think it’s your time to blow,  you can hit that switch knowing that you have everything in position and that you are well placed to do exactly that.

Just like the majors do! Only this time you will be in control. You own your masters, and catalogue as it should be. Oh and no record deal so sign.

Through our network we can help you::

Book studio session and musicians

Create your brand look and feel