There’s something to be said about a producer who can cause a storm in his home country but also get requested in other countries. Let me introduce Baker Aaron.

It takes a special blend of courage and drive to take that 10 meter walk from working behind the mixing board to stepping into your own stardom, but over the past 6 years Baker Aaron has proven that it is still a possible feat.

Baker Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist producer hailing from Istanbul with a style leaning towards soulful and organic RnB, hip hop and neo-soul (though not exclusive to these genres). After spending years honing his craft musically, the time came to do more than just be behind the boards. So the work began to curate some music of his own and lay the groundwork for not just his sound but his ethos for music creation. In doing so, he has collaborated with handpicked creatives on the first of many projects (the others already in the works). Baker has also recently worked on some production for UK singer Kadeem Tyrell on the song “Let Me Know” (which has also had a great initial impact digitally and physically as well as a few other songs on Kadeem’s EP. Baker Aaron has also done some production on Nick Brewer’s last few tunes and is also working on some new music with him. Some future music to watch out for.

Aanu, who is featured on a couple of tracks “Real Life” & “Change” is also going to be in the studio working on some new material (some more incredible future soul music to look out for).

Prelusion is a pretty bold name for a new project. The big question is, Prelusion to what and from whom? Versatile and creatively gifted, his debut project “Prelusion” offers up a taste of the base that he is building on. Organic, ingenious melodies and layers of original and inspired sounds meshed together to paint a picture filled with colour and emotion. The beauty of Prelusion is that there is something, whether big or small, that piques the listener’s interest at every turn. Here it’s in the hyperactive keys of “Change,” there it’s the bass on the jump to the beat funk of “Geronimo feat B Aull,” while later it is the ’90s soundtrack soul of “Perfect For Love.” Without making any forced moves, the twists and turns offer a palette of soul music that hits the spot lyrically as well as musically.

Love It….

Lets Pause & Take A Listen:

Perfect For Love feat: KD & T Jay:

Change feat: Aanu: