Get to know the newest U.K. indie Nu Soul artist Geneivah! This year (2019), An artist who embraces a fresh approach to creativity. Geneivah writes, sings and performs a coming of age story. Her honest synth driven songs have accumulated many followers across the UK and European soul scene.

Geneivah is a singer- songwriter from London where she raised in church. She has always been surrounded by soulful and heartfelt music. She fell in love with jazz at the age of 8, listening to Strange Fruit by Ella Fitzgerald and was compelled by the story it told. Geneivah’s main influences other than Ella, are Fred Hammond, Frank Sinatra, India Arie and Gregory Porter. Her main desire is to be relatable, singing songs about life- the good and the bad. Letting people know that they’re not alone, sharing her life lessons through song and celebrating her existence!

The young UK native released her debut single, “My Love” which premiered on the streaming platform Soundcloud. Since the release of this incredible single Geneivah has been on a purely upward path with each piece of music blowing expectations out of the water.

Geneivah released her debut single in August 2018 entitled ‘My Love’, and is set to release a four track EP in March 2019.

Learn more about Geneivah in the following All Access audio interview with Independent Hype & iLive Radio. In the mean time let’s take a listen to the incredible single My Love.

My Love: