George Tandy Jr. simply comes alive on stage! Born into a family of artists, music lovers and entertainers George developed a passion for entertaining and creates brilliant music that is rich with honesty, vulnerability and raw emotion. He is not your typical church singing choir boy or even a classically trained vocalist or pianist but his messages are conveyed clearly and powerfully. Fans often refer to his voice as hypnotizing and pure. Each piece of music creates an inner journey to a time and place that is unique to the listener. Whether it is about sex, relationships, or worldly affairs you will feel every moment in the song. You can call it R&B, folk music or even call it jazz.

R&B artist George Tandy, Jr., the son of musicians Candi Tandy and George Tandy, Sr., attended high school in Virginia, where he learned to play several instruments and developed his talent. Thanks to encouragement from his mother, Tandy moved to Florida and concentrated on singing, songwriting, and playing keyboards while working as a hip-hop dancer. The independent RedStar label signed him and released his debut single, the understated and mature ballad “March,” in September 2013.

July 2017 saw the release of George’s incredible 2-step Neo soul single Already Love. Its time to checkout George Tandy Jr. ASAP.

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