Born in Chicago and raised in Los Angles, Gina Carey, is a woman of many talents. Her soulful and yet angelic tone is unique, and can be easily identified in all of her recordings. Gina’s soulful delivery, takes listeners back to the era where R&B and Soul music dominated the vast majority of the world.

Gina Carey is a Recording Artist, Song & Screenplay Writer, & Film & Music Producer with over 12 Albums recorded and 3 #1 singles on the UK Charts since her professional career began in 1996. Her musical discography includes, In His Time, (1996) Changes, ( 2003)Tell Um, (2006) “My Journey”, ( 2008) Melodic”(2011) ” Love Letters”,(2012) ” Love Letters 2″, (2012) Live, Love & laugh,( 2012) “Gina Carey… The Songbird” (2013)”Funk Rhythm & Soul” (2014) “Gina Carey the Soul Singer” (2015) & “Can You Dig It” (August 2015) & her current Singles “Hold Me” (February 2016) and “Tears” (the theme song for “Aspire to Inspire”) (June 2016). All recordings that were recorded after 2006 were written & produced by Gina and released under her own label Gico Music.

She broke into the UK Music scene in 1996 with her 1st album “In His Time” selling over Ten Thousand CD’s nationwide. She hit the #1 Radio Chart positions in the UK twice, once in 1996 and in the other in 2011 and her  music video, “ True love” aired on the cable TV Network BET in 2006.

In 2006 she won a black music award for best gospel artist, in 2012, won the Rising Stars of the Desert “Best Jazz Music Artist Award, in 2015 she was awarded “Best Single “Beautiful Music” ” by the (GHP Virtual Music Awards), in 2015 she won the CV Music Award for “Best Contemporary Artist”. In 2016, she received 3 additional CVMA’s nominations for “Best Unsigned Album” (Can You Dig it), Best Contemporary Artist / Band & Best Female Vocalist and on May 22, 210 Gina won for the 2nd year in a row the 2016 “Best Contemporary Artist” Award. On August 31, 2016 Gina was selected to receive honors for being one of the Most Influential and Interesting Women in the Coachella Valley by CV Weekly. There were only 12 woman and 12 men chosen and Gina Carey was 1 of the 12 women chosen.

Gina has also written, directed & produced 3 Christian stage plays (The Ripple Effect (2003), What Would You Do (2009), and The Spirit Killer (2015)​ She is the author & publisher of her own book and audio book “The Unexpected” which was published in (2014) receiving no less than 800 downloads within the first month of its release.

In 2013, she produced her own web series “Tell my story”, a web series geared to exposing the talents of undisclosed & independent artist.

Her latest achievement was the launching of, “The Coachella Valley Filmmakers & Actors Network” in the Coachella Valley and “Gina Carey Films. Her current filmography includes, “The Unexpected the Movie” (Feature Film, February 2016), “Aspire to Inspire” (Documentary, June 2016) and “The Assumptions” (Feature Film, February 27, 2017) all written, produced, edited, directed and filmed by Gina Carey. She is also the Executive producer of all projects.

To date, her filmography achievements include, “The Unexpected “The Movie has received 4 official sections from Film Festivals.  “The COF Festival”, “The Miami Film Festival”, “The Los Angeles Cinefest” and “The IChill International Film Festival”. “The Unexpected received the several awards for her film, “The Unexpected, “Best film, Best Director, Best Soundtrack, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Overall Cast”. These awards were given to her by the Christian Online Film Festival. The Unexpected” premiered at the world famous Palm Springs California Camelot Theaters on February 22, 2016.

Her Documentary “Aspire to Inspire”, premiered at the Education Tolerance Center in Rancho  Mirage CA. and Bristol, PA, received 3 official Film Festival selections.. Her latest film “The Assumptions” premiered at the Camelot Theaters on February 27, 2017 and is now available on Amazon Prime. Her next film which is a feature Comedy film ” The One Year Pact” will premier in February 2018.

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