Imani Wj Wright, what more can we say about this 19 year old artist from Baltimore, has been cultivating his musical skills and talents for the past 12 years. His growth as a musician includes his time on scholarship at the Peabody Institute, where he won an Outstanding Performance award and The Lyric Opera House of Baltimore, where he wrote an opera titled Industrial Love. He also spent an extensive stint at American University under the auspices of the Washington National Opera. Additionally, he was unanimously voted Male Singer of the Year at his high school. Through his various experiences in music, Imani has developed an eclectic sound that is undeniably of his unique creation. However, as pleasing as the sound is here, the listener is also dually challenged to delve deeply into the messages, ideas, and vociferous claims of this young artist.

Imani Wj Wright’s latest releases have a beautifully soulful energy that just oozes classic R&B and mellow jazz vibes. There’s something sublime about the sound that makes it undeniably easy to relax to, and for an artist who may be a new discovery to some listeners, the music comes through as instantly satisfying in its presentation of good vibes and in his unique take on songwriting.’Consistency’ in particular draws in listeners with a minimalistic drum beat, pacing through a melodic saxophone and piano rhythm, which puts listeners on a hypnotic high. This soulful rhythm is only further accentuated by Wright’s soft yet raspy tones, which croons gently about his urge for stability and constancy in love and life. This track is a ode to old school R&B and soul with a delightful, crisp eccentricity and highlights the massive potential that Imani WJ Wright has to elevate and succeed in the R&B and Soul industry.

The current Project Envious Affection is an EP to listen too. Watch out for the youngster Imani Wj Wright in 2018!!!

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Reviewer: Reese Marnu