Put your hand up if you are new to JimiJames? If you are then you need to get to know about this talented rising LA native star..

Let’s shine some light on Jimi James…

JimiJames is a stylistic. A eurythmic in today’s wave of sound, fashion and lifestyle. Born an only child to Robin and Jimmie, the singer-songwriter’s influences draw from her upbringing in Los Angeles. With an unconventional approach to melody, Jimi’s lyrical wordplay creates a unique twist over her signature harmonic phrases.

Jimi began creating buzz after catching the attention of some of today’s most influential artists and taste-makers including Beyonce. She is also known for her work with soul-crooner Mayer Hawthorne. Jimi is credited on Mayer Hawthorne’s most notable songs, ‘The Walk’, ‘Backseat Lover’, ‘You Called Me’ and ‘Love Like That’ to name a few.

After capturing global attention with Hawthorne as featured female vocalist on the Man About Town international tour (2016), JimiJames is cutting corners with Baltimore-native and producer Wow Jones (Bryson Tiller, Rihanna, TYuS). Their collaboration EP, DarkDayzBrightNights is said to be the beginning of a propelling domino affect for JimiJames and her new wave. The music is bass heavy, raw and electric with warm undertones. The EP’s signature track ‘Movie’ was debuted by KCRW’s radio DJ Garth Trinidad. While In the UK, Karen Gabay of BBC Manchester radio debuted ‘Fantasy’ and ‘WhatGirls Like’.

Today JimiJames and Jones spearhead Boss Academy, a lifestyle brand and movement that inspires artists to transcend industry limits. Jimi’s whereabouts, fashion sense and political views are artistically documented through her social media platforms.

Produced by Tony Ozier aka Dookie Green, “Bullshit or Worry” is the latest project from the incredible artist. Tony Ozier has managed to capture Jimi’s soulful vocals with this beautiful 2 step head nodding beat. Written and Performed by Jimi James this track showcases her talents on many levels. We have been tracking this unique artist and we believe the world needs to track Ms James too..

Let’s take a good listen… No Bullshit!

Bullshit or Worry: