Let’s set the record straight… Miel (Pronounced Mee-L) is an upcoming singer born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee The Soul Rock Capital of The World. Miel has a style that blends R&B, Jazz and Neo-soul with a touch of Hip-Hop and Pop. Miel’s love for music began with her Gospel roots which led her to explore other Genres of music and to writing songs at a very early age. With the love and mentoring of a very close friend Mabon Teenie Hodges of Hi Rhythm Section Miel has grown into a phenomenal artist with a very soulful sound. Miel’s talent has led her to perform all over the world all including European tours in Poretta, Italy with the great Ann Peebles. She was loved by all her European fans and was asked to stay over after Mrs. Peebles tour where Miel embarked upon a series of concerts. While performing her own shows in Italy Miel was asked to perform with former Hi Records recording artist Syl Johnson. Miel tore the house down and leaving fans wanting more! Today Miel is highly concentrating on her newly released album titled “Ms. Miel”. A very soulful collection of songs everyone can ride and relate to. Look for Miel on all download stores and outlets.

Ms. Miel is coming to you compliments of Erbe Music. She has a style like no other! She is in her own lane! Many are called she is been chosen. Take the time out to listen to some wonderfully written songs that Miel has poured her heart and soul in to. This album is a very melodically clever way of saying everything a woman wants to say to her man and more. So please everyone enjoy!

This is an album worth checking out.

He Don’t Love You: