As we run into a New Year, we wish for more incredible music and organic artists to fulfil our musical cravings. So without any further delays let us shine a very bright spotlight on an artist we have been tracking for a minute…

Raquel Rodriguez: The Mexican-American soul singer was born with a mic in her hand! From the tender age of 5, the LA native knew she wanted to sing, and is a gifted musician at her core lets add. She is a woman who believes in the magic of music. Her presence is warm, powerful and inspiring, like her sound.

Raquel grew up on the West Side of LA around Santa Monica and Venice, close to Gilbert’s El Indio, her family’s Mexican restaurant, which, over the past 44 years, has become an institution. Raquel shed her shy disposition at a young age while participating in elementary and middle school talent shows. She took piano lessons and sang at Hamilton High School’s Music Academy, and, as she matured, her love of music only grew.

Once Raquel graduated from the prestigious Thornton School of Music at USC, where she studied music industry and jazz theory. Raquel went on to sing backup for such luminaries as Gwen Stefani and Anderson. Paak, and, in addition, opened for artists J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, Trombone Shorty and Goapele. Knowing this is what she wanted Raquel came to the forefront and decided to grace us with her new EP, The 310 Pt.2, an homage to her hometown, The City of Angels. Raquel’s current single, “Mile High” has quickly gained popularity within the UK & European soul scene. One of the highlights for Raquel, was when she graced the shores of London-England by opening for PJ Morton at the Jazz Cafe at he end of October 2018.

So let’s review The 310 Pt.2 – EP

Night’s Over: You will distinguish that drum playing a quick catchy beat, followed by a slick combination of an electric guitar and keyboard brings listeners into a funky whirlwind, reminiscent of the 70s. But as Raquel Rodriguez begins to sing about a typical fly-on-the-wall person at a party on starting track ‘Night’s Over’, listeners realise this is a modern-day track showcasing future funk at its finest.

Mile High: Following this on ‘Mile High’, Raquel focuses on the need to leave the “golden state” for a while with her lover, expressing themes of escape and the urge for advancement in both a personal and professional aspect. This story plays out over a strong guitar bassline, providing listeners with a groovy, head bopping beat.

However the stand out track for this EP is fan favourite ‘I Want It All’, a soulful reassertion of Rodriguez’ talent and the effort she is willing to put in to have what she deserves. A song which ignores her critics saying she can “only pick one”, Raquel Rodriguez brushes the critiques off her shoulder and continues to ascend as high as she can and succeed as much as she can. With a consistent funky soul groove that travels through every song on the 5 track EP, Raquel Rodriguez continues to push funk soul back into the modern music era, and she does it well.

Raquel will be releasing a new single mid March, followed up by music video, also remember she’s featured on Expansion Records, “Luxury Soul’s” compilation record for the track, Mile High, (released 11 Jan 2019).

Mile High: 

I Want It All: 

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