Who is this new songbird? RoniCea is all the way from Montreal, Canada. Her French Canadian upbringing and Caribbean background has exposed her to the melting pot of cultures around her, hence only seasoning her music taste. Her influences go from Jamiroquai to Mariah to Bjork to DJ Quik…the list goes on. She released her 1st EP ORBIT THORNS as a therapeutic experience that helped her overcome a dark period. She says “My insecurities began to diminish & confidence rose with my love for making music. It was spiritual”. AFROPUNK, is one of the many websites/blogs that agrees with the statement. RoniCea is currently working on a new music video, a single, and recording more songs and practicing for upcoming shows and festivals.

RoniCea’s latest releases have a beautifully soulful energy that just oozes classic R&B and mellow Neo Soul/Hip Hop vibe. There’s something sublime about the sound that makes it undeniably easy to relax to, and for an artist who may be a new discovery to some listeners, the music comes through as instantly satisfying in its presentation of good vibes and in her unique take on songwriting.’When You’re Lonely’ in particular draws in listeners with a minimalistic drum beat, pacing through a melodic Hip Hop rhythm, which puts listeners on a hypnotic high. This soulful rhythm is only further accentuated by RoniCea’s soft yet raspy tones, which croons gently about her urge for stability and constancy in love and life. This track is a ode to old school R&B and soul with a delightful, crisp eccentricity and highlights the massive potential that RoniCea has to elevate and succeed in the Independent R&B and Soul industry.

Sidenote, she finds inspiration for songs with mangoes, birds and monkeys.. Have fun experiencing a soothing, chilled out jazzy vibe with a hint of funk, indie and sprinkles of hip hop while listening to the EP Orbit Thorns.

Tracks to checkout:

When You’re Lonely:

Fine Wine: