Let’s pause and talk about the incredibly talented Sean C. Johnson..

Neoteric soul.  A sound that is uncommonly defined by the radical message in ones lyrics which inspires the heart of the listener.  But for Sean C Johnson, it’s just another form of sharing his testimony.  At first glance, one might not envision this former Air Force Staff Sergeant as a soul singer – no afro blowing in the wind and no “tortured genius” look. He does, however, have his own unique vibe – an unsuspecting and compassionate demeanor that produces a sound that draws you in.  Sean offers music that lyrically takes the listener deep into the Word, flowing hypnotically over neoteric soul ballads and hip hop beats.

Sean’s musical influences begin with Quartet legends like The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Fairfield Four, and The Canton Spirituals.  Growing up in a family of singers (Mother was a music teacher) Sean spent Sunday dinners singing along to The Winans, The Clark Sisters, and Sam Cooke.  As his musical palette expanded he begin to gravitate to soul-inspired artists such as D’Angelo, The Roots, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton.  Falling in love with the essence of these sounds, Sean melded these genres to form his own brand of neoteric soul music.

Sean C Johnson has received national recognition as a ground-breaking artist of his generation.  Being named as one of the top 10 best albums by Soultracks.com, receiving Album of the Year and Singer of the Year by Kingdom Choice Awards, and Album of the Year by Gospel Blue Mic Awards, Sean has already placed his mark in the music industry as an artist to pay close attention to.  Sean C Johnson continues to create music that changes the hearers into doers and leaves a lasting impression on his fans. 2017 was a great year for Sean C Johnson as he continues to share his neoteric soul sound to the masses while working on his next project.

Fresh from touring the UK Sean C. Johnson has released his current project Days Like This… With beautiful tracks like Love Song, Daydreaming and Obey.. An album/EP worth purchasing:

Love Song:


3* Endorsement by Independent Hype