Let’s Shine Some Light On Taylor Walker aka Tay Walker…

I​f you haven’t heard of Tay Walker yet, just wait, you will. “Even at first glance, Tay Walker comes off as a humble soul” says Javi of Odd Future Talk in an exclusive interview moments after his feature performance with “The Internet” during the Odd Future Carnival in L.A.’s Nokia Center last summer. New York’s Respect Magazine had this to say about Tay Walker, “The new young crooner whose riveting performance will have the crowd in utter silence, listening to a voice that displays a plethora ​of depth and range”, and “vocally, Tay’s a great juxtaposition to the crooning style of The Internet and did we mention that he’s a musician as well?” Quality Time, a blog from the Netherlands, which also features interviews with great performance moguls such as Janet Jackson, Drake​ and Aaliyah says “This 26 year old Neo Soul, R&B artist proves that talent has little to do with age”.

Taylor Walker (born November 27, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and record producer from Inglewood, California. Taylor performed as a keyboardist and vocalist on The Internet’s critically acclaimed album Purple Naked Ladies as well as playing keyboards in the music video for “Objects in the Mirror” from the Mac Miller album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. In 2015 Walker released his debut solo album 25 Hours A Day independently.

Tay Walker has made appearances around the world with his long-time friends, as 1/5 of The Imaginary Friends also known as “The Internet”, part of ​The Odd Future Family.

Tay, is the eldest of three, having two younger brothers. His mother was a musician who used to sing to him, he began singing in the 3rd grade singing with his mother. Walkers mother introduced him to Motown and The Funk Brothers.

Tay Walker lists Stevie Wonder and many Motown artists as influences as well as Tyrese Gibson, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Brian McKnight and Jamie Foxx. Walker also listens to a lot of R&B, Jazz, and Neo Soul artists.

Fast forward to May 2018 and Tay has just released his latest project OWSTN – One Way Street To Nowhere. 10 slices of wonderful music including tracks like the classic “Beautiful” A 2-step head nodding mid-tempo and the timeless slow jam “CTCL”…

A 10 Track Neo Soul Album Worth It’s Weight In This Arena…