Born in Mesa, Arizona and raised in Southern California, Soulstress Teri Tobin has been cooing in key since coming out of the womb. As with many of the soul greats she admires, from Donny Hathaway to Marvin Gaye, training and early performances began standing flatfoot in front of the pews and belting past the church steeple. Classically trained at Howard University, there are layers to the award­-winning, soul singer/songwriter. With each layer reveals a lusher depth into Tobin’s music and womanhood.

Love Infinity (2011) and its hit single, “Free,” a tribute to Donny Hathaway, was a #1 smash in the UK and the Netherlands for several weeks. As a tribute to her fans, Tobin released So Good To Me with stand­out songs “Love Me” and “It’s Alright”. The latest release of Truth Is
with “#Shine” and the current “Make Beautiful” can be heard internationally. She wants to encourage listeners to allow love to happen in their lives, and to stand just as boldly and proudly in their truth as they have allowed Teri Tobin, with dignity and grace. And that’s the truth.

It is a more accomplished and confident Teri Tobin that listeners will find on her fourth studio project, Truth Is… The title serving as the opening half of each of the 14-track titles (e.g., Truth Is…”Love Happens”) and peels back yet another layer of Tobin as an unvarnished truth teller who still follows her mama’s musical advice to “sing pretty.” A single mother of a special needs son, a returning college student, a volunteer music program leader in her local community, a vibrant woman who is “owning her curves,” and a lifelong learner who is “becoming okay with being imperfect,” Tobin is uniquely tapped into the everywoman working to realize her dreams while taking care of herself, her family and community. Ministering to herself as well as to her fans on the encouraging, “#Shine,” produced and co-written by Dominick White, Tobin is speaking intimately about her own self-determination and the work that is required. Having taken the formative steps of fully accepting herself, when Tobin vulnerably declares “I am enough” on the interrogative “I Am,” a stripped-down piano ballad produced by Ahmed Sirour (YahZarah, Cleveland P. Jones) and co-written by Bridgette Bryant (The Soulmate Collection), Tobin’s speaking of arriving to a destination everyone is yearning for. Joining writing forces with Cleveland P. Jones (James Day, Daniel Crawford) and Shaun Ward on the sumptuously layered single, “Make Beautiful,” the Brandon “Truth” Adams (Kristin Diable, Gary “Lil G” Jenkins) produced and co-penned mid-tempo brew is an extension of Tobin’s indefatigable belief in love. Excavating a different dimension of Tobin’s faith, Corey Hodge’s co-written and produced “Wonderfully Made” opens the project with otherworldly, astral sounds and a harmonic layer cake of affirming and purpose-filled messaging. These are but a few shimmering examples of Tobin’s expanding artistry through collaborations with such veteran producers as Lorenzo Johnson (Ledisi, Maysa) and relative newcomers like Will Birckhead, Shawn Hibbler, and David “NuDAE” Edmonds, as well as long-time partners Animate Inventions, Inna-Ear Muzik Group (i.e., Debbie Nelson), and Keith “Bubby” Webb.

In the summer of 2016, Tobin began her inaugural international tour to London and Paris. A dream come true for the seasoned artist. With a sack full of honest and empowering songs in tow, now it’s Teri Tobin’s turn to encourage listeners to allow love and support to happen in their lives, and to stand just as boldly and proudly in their truth as they have allowed Teri Tobin, with dignity and grace. And that’s the truth. Teri Tobin’s fifth effort is due out 2017.

Teri Tobin returns with “Smile Again” from the much anticipated 5th full-length creative offering. Love is in the air again….

Checkout this beautiful summer vibe..

Smile Again: