Let us take a trip to the most beautiful continent in the world AFRICA and we say this with no apology as we shine a beacon spotlight on the wonderful Thando…

Zimbabwean born songstress Thando has been gracing stages around Australia an electric presence and powerhouse vocal. Heralded as a commanding performer, her ability to tell a story takes her audience on a journey of loving oneself and reflection.
She grew up feasting on the musical offerings of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, QUEEN and along the way, she found Jill Scott and crafted her sound with an electric live set.

Her 2016 debut EP ‘Digital Love Letters’ paved the road to a slew of festival appearances such as BIGSOUND (2016), Strawberry Fields and Woodford Folk Festival and NYE on The Hill. She has since gone onto open for Soul crooner Leon Bridges, R&B master Maxwell, and collaborated with Australian Hip Hop greats, REMI and Sampa the Great. This multi dimensional performer is looking toward solidifying her status as Australia’s newest first lady of R&B.

It’s almost a cliche to say an artist is “one to watch” but in the case of now Melbourne artist THANDO, it’s just so undeniably true. Every single release has continued to paint a picture of an artist who is never complacent and never fine to just sit still. Instead, she’s an artist who continues to push herself, consistently evolving into a fully-fledged soul future-superstar, and her latest single is just another shining example of what I mean here.

Teaming up with TENTENDO for production duties, Thando‘s next evolution comes in the form of ‘Happy’, and it’s a powerful statement that is putting everyone on notice – do not fuck with Thando. Don’t let the silky smooth beats or vocal harmonies fool you, Thando means serious business here. Lyrics like, “Don’t you ever underestimate my power/ I can make you cower,” aren’t screamed or cried out. In fact, Thando almost sounds casual in her delivery, and it’s this casual approach that makes it even more menacing. What could be a soundtrack to a bold and assertive meeting with a past lover, Thando‘s softly sung lyrics still possess a venom that continues to sting with every line.

Thando said of her new single, “‘Happy’ is a letter to my conscious self from the perspective of my anxiety. From my perspective, my often forgotten villain sneaks up on me when I’m feeling my most content and consequentially risks relationships and opportunities for happiness. I personified and gave her a voice, so that I may attempt to better understand her and learn how to keep her at bay.”

‘Happy’ is an empowering anthem that reminds us to stick to our guns and know our worth. It’s also once again a hugely impressive release from Thando as she uses her incredible voice to shift in dynamics and really tell her story. Positively floating over Tentendo‘s beat, ‘Happy’ showcases Thando‘s ever-increasing versatility as a performer and is hopefully an exciting indication of what’s still to come from her. All I know is whatever she does next, it’s bound to be outstanding.

Let’s Take A Listen: