Sulpacio Jones the native Californian from Berkeley is back along with her trusted producer Tony Ozier. The dynamic and authentically inspiring, Sulpacio Jones releases her first single for 2020 entitled “Flight”.

Flight – a calm, funky, smooth-love, fantasy ride. This record brings us back to everything we love about classic soul R&B with its lyricism and melodic flow paired with the vocal versatility Sulpacio brings. Whether along for the car ride or in the bar-lounge, Flight is the sound that simply belongs. A song for lovers. A song for dreamers. This is the sound of escaping to something greater and higher.  

Sulpacio has been consistently good since her 2013 debut with Sulpacio Jones EP, but as a whole “Flight”  is some of her best work in a while. She does not shy away from speaking her mind and sharing her spirituality and its calming effect on her life and influence on her music. Sulpacio messages, reflections and affirmations in her music are needed now more than ever.

Sulpacio, once said “No matter what’s trending and no matter how music or the demand changes, I want to consistently deliver the true essence of music to my listeners. This is what they want and it’s what I do!”

So Let’s Take A Listen: