When DJ Jazzy Jeff gathered some of the most influential artists and musicians for the unforgettable project The PlayList. Jeff, showed with all the talent available he managed to eventually form The PlayList, it wasn’t just for show. 

Fast forward to the future of 2020 DJ Jazzy Jeff has returned to the lab and produced another banger. This time teaming up with Canada’s newest rising star, the incredible Black Orchid. Black Orchid delivers a first class vocal performance with cool background harmonies over this stuttering beat. “The One” allows this artist to explore her edgy pep talk about her feelings. There’s more to this upbeat groove than meets the eye as Black Orchid spits knowledge about loving the right person which leaves us with a serious craving for more soul food from this artist. 

So who is Black Orchid?

Innovating, creative, bonafide, devoted and inspiring.  These are just a few words that describe Black Orchid. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Black Orchid is no foreigner to music. Coming from a strong musical upbringing, her first exposure to music was with her father who sang and wrote music.  This inspiring influence help craft Black Orchid’s long indomitable dream and by the age of 14 she started writing her own songs inside the four walls of her bedroom.  Her passion and talent of song writing expanded her to the keyboard and other musical instruments and by 2004 she started crafting, and creating her own beats and melodies.  Black Orchid loves all types of music whether it be R&B, Hip hop, Reggae, Dancehall or even house music, music has no barricade for Black Orchid and it shows in her hard committed work. She has worked with artists in different genres of music, most notably Toronto reggae artist Chelsea Stewart’s EP Genesis which earned her a Juno Award nomination and Stewart’s recent debut self titled album, which she co wrote 3 songs on. 

Let’s take a listen:

The One:

Love Or Music: