When people talk about stars hailing from North West London, we think about the likes of: Raheem Sterling(footballer), Luther Blissett(footballer), Twiggy(model, actress), Phil Fearon(lead singer/group Galaxy), Sabrina Washington(group Mis-Teeq) and the list goes on and on. We are honoured to add to this incredible roster of stars with a new bright light – KENZL..

Firstly, let’s spend a few minutes getting to know this incredible multi-talented artist from North Weezy. Sabrina Marie Allen AKA KenZl, though fiery on the outside being an Aries is sweet and deep on the inside. Sabrina originally hails from  St Raphael’s Estate, North West London – onetime home to Raheem Sterling, K-Koke, and the North Weezy grime movement. Maybe this is why she is able to move between singing and rapping the way she does – so effortlessly.

Preferring music that has a strong beat and an aggressive quality she is naturally drawn to Hip Hop / Rap / Trap, while having an appreciation and openness for most musical genres. Having grown up listening to her parents play reggae music around the house and hearing her mother singing whilst cooking Sunday dinner, music and performing has always been a huge part of her life. Indeed – while in her teens and for the very briefest of moments – Sabrina found herself in a girl band, however that situation didn’t work out. More recently Sabrina has performed in open mike sessions in clubs and bars in London.

She also does the odd vocal session as a session singer:
Singers like Jill Scott and Maxwell have been a massive influence on how she writes and delivers her music. More recently artists such as Kanye West, Drake, The Migos and 21 Savage, have brought out a more edgy side to her musical expressions.

The 8 track album “Too Much For Ya! is currently available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, and all the major digital music platforms. KenZl is excited about seeing where this particular journey will go from here.

Let’s take a listen:

On Top Of You:

They Don’t Know: