The year is 2020 and possibly a year that many would like to forget but the memories may run too deep for some. If there is a sliver lining it has come in the form of music. The Jamaica Moto is “Out Of Many, One People” as tribute to the unity of different cultural inhabiting the nation. Perhaps this project the iLive Music and Virgo Lounge team has put together is fitting for this crazy unforgettable year.

Let’s begin our roll call of who’s who on this fantastic collection of independent soul artists: Gwendolyn Collins (Storytelling Side 1/2), Cleveland P. Jones (Let’s Make Love), Blèz (Love Life Emotion The Experience), Carlos Morgan (Rain), Alisha Glover (Brother, Sister), Kemi Sulola ( Fallen For You), Iisma (Hold Me), KC Roberts (From The North), Black Orchid (The One), Mycah Chavalier (Genie) and Ciara Leah, now exhale. What began as an annual soul music festival hosted by iLive Radio/Music in Toronto-Canada, the circumstances was changed and this event became an online festival of soul music which featured the above artist and many more.

The Sounds of Blackness classic (1991) track “Be Optimistic” has been rebirthed with a 2020 spin. Ironic that Gary Hines Sound of Blackness which featured the incredible lead vocals of Ann Nesby were a Minneapolis cornerstone and now the city is the centre of a public murder by a white police officer on an unarmed black male citizen. The lyrics “You can win, as long as you keep your head to the sky, Be optimistic” gives you that feeling somebody out there cared about our souls.

These artists have managed to come together on this classic inspirational track to show the world though we are faced with so much injustice and pain we can unite and overcome.

Let Take A Listen: