Ray Robinson’s career has undergone several incarnations over its 20-plus year duration. There’s Ray the R&B producer and song writer Then there’s Ray Robinson, the soul music artist mastermind behind standouts such “My Heart,” from the 2004 album “What It Is”.

Canadian Urban Music Award Winner Ray Robinson who was nominated for 3 CUMAs in 2004 – no small feat for an artist who saw his first vinyl pressed in 2004. Since his debut album, WHAT IT IS dropped that year, Ray is quickly becoming the most captivating artist to watch artist in Canada’s urban music scene.

Barely breaking a sweat, Ray has crisscrossed Canada with appearances that have taken his signature soul filled, rich voice to the stage from Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver, not to mention show after show at home in Toronto.
Ray Robinson, nee Rayon Henry, has been honing his craft for over twenty years. Inspired by the church, Ray begun his pursuit of a musical career through gospel as a member of a group in the U.S. The group toured extensively throughout the United States, even gracing the stage of the musical mecca, The Apollo Theatre. Following the Apollo performance, the group garnered recognition and an album was highly anticipated. Touring had helped them build a fan base; unfortunately the group did not last.

Upon leaving the group, Ray Robinson returned to Canada and the church where it all began. “The RnB market in Toronto is beginning to get some recognition, but I think it can be much bigger.” Once back at home, Ray was determined to succeed as a solo artist and began recording on his own, in a humble recording studio. Ray’s celebrated debut album “What It Is”, was than nominated for a JUNO award in 2005. Ray continued to be involved in music behind the scenes for the next few years, but has recently returned to studio to lay down tracks for his much anticipated new album which was released in 2011.

A multi-faceted artist, Ray Robinson writes and co-produces all of his music. Exposure to influences that span many decades has given Ray a distinctive approach to today’s rhythm and blues. Ray’s sound is accentuated by the message of Bob Marley, the smoothness of Al Green and Donny Hathaway and the sensuality and emotion of Marvin Gaye with the versatility of Prince.

Fast Forward>>> 2018… And he is BACK… Powered by the ever growing iLive Music in Toronto.
The emotion and all of its various forms provide much of the inspiration behind Ray’s latest studio project, “Loading… Please Wait”. This 3 track EP has something for everyone, a beautiful introduction for an artist who has been on the missing list for a minute. So let’s see what Canada’s favourite son has to offer:

I Am:

Always In The Mood: