We are on the search for the Pride Of LONDON and this Search has taken us to North London to be precise, so let us reveal who we have found: We found George Wong aka Sunstone..

To watch a producer/songwriter blossom in their early stages of their career is nothing short of a treat in itself, especially if the producer/songwriter is willing to grow within the music their ascribing to. Note that “willing” is the keyword here, as there is nothing more disappointing when you see a talented group of musicians fall into the quicksand trap of making one mundane album after another or see them so wrapped up in their own persona that the music in turn suffers for it. To learn more about Sunstone we have to start at the beginning. Four musicians that met in a youth club off Tottenham Lane, London formed the group Black and Fantasy Tan. They gigged around the circuit, they were regulars at The Rock Garden, Jazz Cafe, Ronnie Scotts and opened for Jamiroquai at Battersea Power Station before they spilt. The soldiers dispersed; some went on to work with the likes of Moby, Ziggy Marley and BFT originator.

George Wong, went on to form Sunstone, collaborating with 2x nominated Grammy artist K.O. and JR Long II who are accomplished musicians in their own right. However, within the first few months after release George became a Winner of the 2018 International Indie Songwriters Contest.

Fast forward to June 2018 the release of Rewind:
The sweet and slender vocals in this album are met positively with fresh and uplifting drum beats and a plethora of instruments which lift the songs as a whole. ‘A Better Man’ is enhanced by stand out tracks such as the eponymous song, which pairs the heartbreaking yet soul-freeing lyricism in portraying a break-up with the seductive melody immersed in the production. Sunstone’s songwriting skills are expressed as a stimulating method of storytelling, which is specifically noticeable in songs such as ‘Josie’- an inspiring track about changing your life for the better- and ‘All For Us’- an emotional tale about a struggling mother which is made captivating by the soulful guitar licks over the steady drum beat. Sunstone’s ‘A Better Man’ takes listeners on a melodic journey of pain, joy and soul which leaves us wanting more once the last track has finished.

Lets Take A Listen:

A Better Man: